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Our products begin as carefully-cultivated, single-strain flower grown with loving care using biologic, sustainable processes and sourced through exclusive partnerships with farms in Eastern Washington.

Full spectrum cannabinoids and terpene profiles are extracted under low temperatures in our advanced multidiscipline facility, and impurities are removed through proprietary refinement techniques. Strain-specific, cannabis-derived terpenes are then reintroduced to the concentrate, ensuring a consistent and true-to-strain product.

All of our products feature 100% cannabis-derived terpenes with no additives in anything – ever. It’s not easy managing every detail that goes into every product, but we’ll never apologize for our obsessive commitment to excellence.

The Gravity Cannabis mission is bolstered by deep expertise and extensive experience, in cannabis, but also finance, promotion, and production. We are redefining what constitutes excellence in cannabis and have some of the industry’s foremost experts working behind the scenes to deliver the most delicious, pure and effective products efficiently and with intention.

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